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South Door specialises in facilitating outdoor tourism in South Iceland, through our network of information centres, hotels and restaurants, with close ties to key activity centres.

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The staff at our informaion centres in Hella and Skógar are familiar with the hiking trails in South Iceland, especially those that are nearby. We know about many trails that few people know about, and you therefore increase the chances you can hike in solitude. We can also help you find a local guide who will ensure your safety, as well as add to your appreciation of the hike.

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South Door recently started partnerships with Super Jeep tour guides. Super Jeeps are extremely capable vehicles with very high ground clearance. The Super Jeep tour is now an unmissable form of sightseeing in Iceland, as it allows you to go places that are impossible on foot, or in a normal vehicle. It is vital to us in Iceland that the nature is treated with the utmost respect, and the experienced Super Jeep drivers ensure that trails are followed and damage to the surrounding nature is prevented.

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One of the most ancient forms of sightseeing in Iceland is on the back of the Icelandic horse. When you visit South Iceland, we have many horse rental companies that offer the best guided tours. The seasoned guides can take you on some famous tours around the highlands, or if you prefer, around the local area. Shorter and longer tours are usually available, and sometimes even without advance reservations.

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Mountain Biking has been popular in South Iceland for a long time, and is becoming increasingly popular in this area due to the amount of great tracks available and their ease of access. Examples include biking around Hekla or Fimmvörðuháls.